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  • Plush Sentiments
    When a card isnt enough or flowers are not personal enough, we offer a new alternative. They are called PlushGreetingsTM by PlushSentiments/Comfort Gifts. PlushGreetings are a true gift of love. Each PlushGreeting is carefully assembled and packaged ...
  • Lucy Works
    It doesnt get any better than this. After 23 years as a writer/photographer with the New York Times Regional Group, Im on the back porch, freelancing. This is very new, very fresh, like a honeymoon. My new business card simply says, writer, artist, A ...
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  • Little Fish Studios
    Our Mission. Little Fish Studios blends peaceful words and meditative images into paper products that offer refreshing originality and high quality at a competitive price. We are aware that others contribute to our journey and strive to make each int ...
  • Mikes Creative Carvings
    My stone carving business started recently as a hobby to pursue in my shop. I was instantly taken by how creative I can be with each stone, and how exciting it is to make something with my own hands. I am creating stock rocks to be sold at trade show ...
  • Happy Mail For Kids
    Happy Mail for Kids comes to you from beautiful Tantallon, Nova Scotia. The idea for Happy Mail came as a result of seeing how happy our kids were every time they received mail. Unfortunately it was only on special occasions and usually sent from the ...
  • We Shoot Birds
    Companion and wild bird photos, greeting cards and portraits. Mimi Walling has more than a casual interest in birds. She feels that birds are one of the most fascinating creatures on this planet. Living with birds for over 20 years has allowed Mimi t ...
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  • Cat Tricks Greetings
    CAT TRICKS is the brainchild of recording artist LAUREN WOOD and photographer/musician SHERRY RAYN BARNETT. They both live in Los Angeles in homes that reflect their eccentric fixation with a B-movie Technicolor world filled with cats. In fact, their ...
  • Inspired By Sam Karen Dawn & Paula.
    I have been a Work-At-Home-Mom for two years now and I absolutely love it! I have had the opportunity to watch my son grow right before my eyes, which has inspired me to write. Our daily schedule includes walking to our mailbox every single mail da ...
  • Basket Magic
    In the beginning, a small home based business designed originally to meet the needs of local business and individuals. Has now expanded to the Statewide Market and Larger Corporations. What began as a hobby back in Christmas of 1994 has grown into a ...
  • Arbor Aria
    Currently working in watercolors, Linda Pace focuses primarily on abstractions expressing her emotional, psychological and spiritual life journey. Many of her works have been inspired from her native Oregon upbringing, her love and respect of trees, ...
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