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  • Bcstonework
    We are a small family run business that prefers to work in marble and granite. BC is retired military and a 4th generation stone cutter raised in Proctor, Vt., home of the once famous Vermont Marble Company. Marble from the company was used all ove ...
  • Cartesian Graphics Long Island City NY
    The Name The term Cartesian refers to René Descartes, the French mathematician and philosopher who, in 1637, introduced the idea of specifying the location of a point on a surface by using two intersecting lines, the x and y axes, as measuring guid ...
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  • Namesakes
    Chapter 1 - What’s in a Name? I have a unique name. It is Sadonie (pronounced sa-don-ee). Growing up (and to this day) no one has ever heard it before. I could never go into to a store and find a pad or a keychain or a pen with my name on it. They ne ...
  • Carriage House Gifts
    Make your home reflect the warmth of Old World Charm Victorian Greetings with our collection of Victorian Greeting products. We offer Victorian Fan Greetings, Certificates, Scrapbooking Kits, 3-D Pop-Up Cards, Advent Calendars, Gift Basket/Totes a ...
  • Hidden Beetle Melanie Laten
    Absolutely. says Melanie Laten ,an artist native to the South and its culture, her work has been influenced by physical migration from her birthplace in Orlando, Florida to being raised in Oklahoma and then to Huntsville where she graduated from Hunt ...
  • [Gift Basket Creations]
    Gift Basket Creations & More is a division of Screen Printing USA of Mountain Top, PA. We have been in business since 1990. Located in the beautiful mountains of Pennsylvania we are a small, family run business. We offer a full line of Maple Ridge Fa ...
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  • Anne Taintor, Inc.
    Anne graduated from Harvard in 1977 with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies. After college, she focused on collage, and her work always incorporated a subtle humor and playfulness. For years, Annes art was more of a sideline than a full-tim ...
  • The Basket Kase
    The Basket Jeanie was launched in 2002 to offer a creative gift-giving option to busy people. After leaving a marketing position in the corporate world, I began to seek a new challenge. Many years of marketing and management experience combined with ...
  • Innisbrook
    Innisbrook.com was developed to provide you an online, one-stop shopping experience for gift wrap, accessories and delicious candies from the Helen Grace Chocolate Company. Nowhere else can you instantly access such a wide array of ideas for any spec ...
  • Tasha ONeill Photography
    Tasha was born and raised in Germany and has traveled extensively throughout Europe. Her language studies took her to England, France and Italy. Her love of adventure brought her to the United States in her early twenties as an au-pair for a well kno ...
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