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As a child I created my own favorite holiday it was the day after Halloween right after school was over. There were no more responsibilities for the day and a whole assortment of delightful treats were waiting (total bliss), a big bag filled with glorious goodies especially the kind of candy my mother would never buy. Today, as the mom, Im always looking for ways to create unique experiences, private holidays and special memories for my kids, friends and those I love. I came up with greeting cards combined with candy. They were such a hit Candy Care was born. Candy Care is my tribute to good times, sweet treats and the perfect way to celebrate every occasion. Candy Care products are designed to make it a little bit easier for you to provide the perfect goodies, sweetest message and magical moments that create memories. Sweet Greetings come with a charming greeting and a very tasty treat. Candy Notesare a deliciously fun way to write friends. The Candy Care Collection is filled with an exclusive assortment of the finest bath and body products. I encourage you to use your Candy Care goodies to treat yourself or someone special to a very sweet experience. Celebrate an occasion, bring back fond memories, recreate favorite times, and enjoy a special holiday even if its not on anyone elses calendar. Never forget, in a world where candy rules, everyone is entitled to a stash of their very own treats! Enjoy!


Telephone: 914-723-4033
Fax: 914-723-4133
Website: http://www.candycards.com/

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