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The Greatest E-Cards and Greeting Cards in the Cosmos! Greetings, Oh Enlightened Ones. Heartwarming, funny, maybe a tad irreverent - all my cards are guaranteed to deliver, instant enlightenment, inspiration, hysterical laughter, empowerment, cosmic insight, and the timeless release of a great cosmic giggle. The Great Coz shall serve as a catalyst to create a sacred space to laugh, love, inspire, empower, and ponder the limitless joy and perfect imperfection of life, the universe and all that other stuff. The products we create shall honor the Spiritually Challenged, for their brave questioning of Authority....ALL AUTHORITY. We shall spare no sacred cows in aggressively pursuing this mission! I think your journey to enlightenment does not have to be spiritually correct. It can be filled with delicious humor and absurdity as long as you have the ability to laugh at yourself and the rest of the world. The Buddha said that enlightenment cannot be achieved without a sense of humor. Hey! If he said it, I think we should pay attention. I invite you to take a look at my original line of products. Im adding new designs all the time so keep coming back for more! I hope my designs touch your heart, make you laugh, and expand your spirit.


Address: Great Cosmic Happy-Ass Card Company, 43 Chadwick Wade Drive, Asheville NC 28804
Telephone: 877-427-7919
Fax: 800-886-0646
Website: http://www.greatcosmichappyass.com/

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