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Card Carrying Liberal, one cranky womans response to the state of our nation, is an activist greeting card company based in Providence, Rhode Island. Half of the profits of Card Carrying Liberal are donated to progressive political causes. in the news, If you are from the press, you might want this press release. Providence Monthly profiled us in a great October issue about the election. Get the fall issue of Venus for a great feature on us. The great ladies at Awful Cufflinks featured us in July 2004. A woman in Missouri liked our cards so much she bought an ad for us in the July 2004 New Yorker magazine. Check us out in Newsweek on-line. Providence Monthlys March 2004 issue features our get well card. Skirt! Magazine features us in their December 2003 issue. We are also an editors pick in BUST Magazines Girl Wide Web. The National Journals Hotline in early November gave us a nod. your feedback We welcome your comments. Get on your soapbox to: info@cardcarryingliberal.com, I am sending the card to all my borderline Democratic friends who might not bother to vote...and Im enclosing a list of 10 reasons why they need to vote this year. We all need to get involved this year to get this fraud out of the White House. - Patricia, California, Anything and everything that is great in this country was created by Liberals. Once again you have proven this to be true. You RULE! - Greg, New Jersey, Your website makes me wish even more that I hadnt left Providence for southern California! The fact that something as great as your cards comes out of such a small place gives me hope. - Jeannine, California, These cards are fantastic! nothing says happy holidays like a little pleasant dissent! - Jantine, New York, Do you think this is a way to reform the way people think? Do not mix Xmas with politics. Remember separation of Church and State. - Germaine, about the cranky woman, The founder of Card Carrying Liberal often yells at the morning newspaper. Spurred by anger at the Bush administration (and a second latte), she developed the concepts for Card Carrying Liberals first line one summer afternoon. Figuring out how to set up a company took a little longer and a lot more help. One in a long line of liberals, she credits years of rallies, board meetings, phone banks, and fundraisers for keeping her optimistic in times of impenetrable stupidity. This is not her day job. The cranky woman has been ably assisted by her friend and design genius Laura Tan. legal stuff, Read our privacy statement and please note: The artwork, characters, phrases and slogans shown on this web site and used on the products depicted are exclusive property of Card Carrying Liberal, LLC. Reproduction of any of these materials without the prior written permission of Card Carrying Liberal is prohibited. So there.


Website: http://www.cardcarryingliberal.com/

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