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Hi! Welcome to Word Works website. We have just added a new Spring-Summer 2005 series to our list of cards. These cards are vibrant and alive, reflecting the joy, exuberance and hope that Spring and Summer brings to our lives. This is a welcomed addition to our Autumn-Winter range. For those who are new to our website, Word Works carries a range of cards known as the Seasons series which are reflective of the seasons that we go through, even in our lives in hot and hotter Singapore! Another range of cards we carryis the First Love series by Singapores very own Rose Painter, Samuel Teo. This is a beautiful range of roses, painted using watercolor and reproduced onto cards. Roses are about relationship. The range featured here are known as limited edition prints. All come with a serial number and are make great gifts for housewarming, weddings or anniversaries. People have also bought the cards for framing or to just remind themselves of the beauty of life, represented by a rose. On top of that, we have also put up a range of smaller 4R frames. These pictures are mainly available in 4R size, though larger sizes are also available, if you so desire. The frames are made of solid wood and add a nice touch to any picture. The Spring-Summer cards are being retailed at the following places: 1. Crest The Christian Book Corner, Far East Plaza (Autumn-Winter range is also available) 2. Acts Lifestyle in China Square Central, 3. Acts Bookshop at Raffles Shopping Centre.


Telephone: 00 65 9177 0146
Website: http://www.word-works.biz/

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