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Im Joe Gerson, an artist-designer residing in New York City, and the originator of the Whimsey, a whimsical greeting card. My Whimsey idea came about through an art exercise from my Junior High School art teacher who one day gave her pupils a sheet of colored paper and a piece of colored chalk. She then said: Children, cover the paper with a whirling, flowing continuous line and look for something! What do you see? Within the shapes of the rolling lines, the other kids and I saw everything! They imagined people, animals, and shaped designs of virtually every, description. Here Im selling Whimseys at a New York City street, This is how Joe Gerson and the wonderful world of Whimseys began. After many more years of doodling, Im happy to share my cards with you. These imaginative greeting cards are great for framing or any special occasion that occurs between friends or loved ones. These cheery, sophisticated and whimsical greeting and note cards will give lots of pleasure to one and all. These whimseys will look GREAT in a frame! Here Im displaying Whimseys at a trade show, Meet Mr. Whimsey, Whimseys are available by the dozen as an assortment or twelve of the same card. To order, choose the cards you like and place the quantity you want on the order form. Simply fill it in and print it out, then mail it to me with your check or money order.


Fax: 212-989-8451
Website: http://www.whimseycards.com/

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