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The Romantic Card Company is an innovative publisher, of distinctively sublime romantic greeting cards. RCC greeting cards do not have the price printed on them. RCC greeting cards do not use the expression I love you as it has been overused and possesses little meaning. 75% of RCC greeting cards are 12 words or less. RCC greeting cards are for EVERY occasion when you want to express your feelings to that special someone in your life. Most RCC cards include an additional heart shaped gift-card. The gift card is blank on one side and the other side matches the greeting card exactly. Should you decide to give a gift along with our greeting card, the enclosed heart-shaped card can be used as a to-from card on a present or flowers. We pride ourselves in conveying your feelings through a unique use of inspirational words. We believe that each of our poems are powerful in the way they convey the feelings you have for the one you care about with the fewest words possible. Our inspirational and heartwarming cards express the emotion and theme of romance in the most unique way. Our cards imply and symbolize the feelings you have that you are eager to share with the one you care about. Our cards are custom-made to reflect the passion you feel and symbolize that the one you care about is always in your heart. We believe cards should be more than just paper and envelopes. We know they carry more than just a message. They are words from the heart. The finest quality linen paper mimics the effect, texture and feel of the beautiful artwork as painted on canvas. The Romantic Card Company is owned and operated by Soft Greetings Worldwide, a company that specializes in Private Labeling greeting cards with its unique patented design. Email to request information on Private Labeling opportunities.


Address: Romantic Card Company, Corporate Headquarters, 8306 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 736, Beverly Hills, CA 90211-2382
Telephone: 310-280-3161
Website: http://www.romanticcardcompany.com/

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