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Paper Greeting Cards, Stationery and Correspondence Materials. With computers such an integral part of our lives, the internet has given us opportunities wed never had before; instant messaging, electronic mail and other conveniences now available instantaneously. With all the technology about us, I have felt a need to keep alive the practice of handwritten correspondence. Theres something special about handwritten letters that cant be captured by the keyboard and a mail program. An email cant be wrapped and stored in your hope-chest, nor could it contain the penmanship of a great grandmother you never got to meet and it cant retain the light sweet fragrance of a perfumed envelope containing a love letter. In a world so full of disposible things, sometimes its nice to share something tangible and memorable. Here, in a small line of stationeries and blank greetings may you find a piece of yourself, or maybe simply something whimsical to write your thoughts on. Whatever your desires, I wish you as much joy using these products as it brought me in creating them. For fun, for memories, and for the love of writing Reid Greetings.


Website: http://www.reidgreetings.com/

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