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An Angel descended upon us, Her broken wing needing time to mend, She spoke of childhood memories, A little girl who welcomed springtime, with chants of cheer and laughter while, running through scented meadows with, frolicking butterflies and floating bumblebees, Seasons thereafter, she roamed feverishly in, gingerly excitement as a young woman in blossom, A wildflower enraptured in aura enchantment, Feelings of pureness and happiness engaged, her soul with an everlasting love, A love that seemed nimble and unruly at times, courting and wooing soon won her heart, She started to stumble in her joyous nature, An utter cry within lured her stoically toward, the cunning sounds of the menace within herself, No longer a wild and voluptuous flower enraptured, in still beauty of natures garden of ecstasy, She adored men, her love uncertain and afflicted, Her charming nature was the essence of being a woman, Reality bluntly sprung upon her as life unraveled, her mysterious calling, Life was given to all to pursue inner ambitions, congenial love a choice to have and behold, Life was given to all to prosper in love, to be one in self, unity, and of spirit, Life was given to all to live and forgive, the conscience of knowing Godly truth, Upon her stay, she spoke of those who shared, divine love through spiritual accord, A love she had known through the hearts, of those who once loved her, And beyond the lush meadows of childhood bliss, Her broken wing now healed in remembrance, of past tribulation and triumph, She spoke again upon ascending to Heaven, Sunlit fields on golden valleys shine endlessly, Even for those who separate momentarily, from Gods straying light,


Address: Pondering Moments, 716 S. Western Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Website: http://www.ponderingmoments.com/

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