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Our Business Philosophy, Our business is dedicated to the production of a creative, yet inexpensive, product in an attempt to help you, the customer, accurately convey your thoughts and emotions to friends, loved ones and acquaintances in an interesting, visually pleasing way. Our Company, Our company is a small, at home business. Its size insures that you have greater opportunity for input with the product creator and greater chance for a speedy delivery. Greetings! I am a retired history teacher. From the time I was a young boy, I have written poems. Some were for girl friends, some were for special occasions and some were simply cards to express my feelings about life in general. Of course at that time, there were no computers or computer hardware to enhance my little projects. They were simply hand written. Over the years, I have found it harder and harder to buy greeting cards that express the thoughts and emotions I wish to convey to other people. I have also found that most cards lack imagination and graphics that match the words on the cards. I also feel that most cards are way over priced. Since I am retired, and have more free time available, I decided to combine my love for poetry, along with computer graphics, to finally create my own greeting cards. The kind of cards I would like to send to other people and receive from them. Some of the cards are humorous, some are romantic, some are for special occasions and some are simply about life in general. Many are cards I have sent to other people who enjoyed them very much and who encouraged me to consider creating cards for sale. About two years ago, I began selling my cards in my home town and I would now like the opportunity of sharing them with you. I welcome you to browse the site in the hopes you will find something you like. Please feel free to share your ideas and comments with me.


Address: Poetry on Paper, c/o Kimberly Johnson, 636 Gannet Court, Merced, California 95340-6852
Website: http://gotchacards.tripod.com/

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