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It doesnt get any better than this. After 23 years as a writer/photographer with the New York Times Regional Group, Im on the back porch, freelancing. This is very new, very fresh, like a honeymoon. My new business card simply says, writer, artist, Amy, A calico cat, and Suzi are with me today on the couch. The coral honeysuckle, a Florida native, has just started blooming. Hopefully butterflies will find the flowers. For those who like to pry into other peoples past, mine is checkered. Okay, diverse is a more polite word. Grew up a military brat. Moved a lot. Degrees in Political Science and Graphic Design Technology. Spent quality time as a commercial fisherman, sign painter, museum illustrator, photogjournalist, certified arc welder, apprentice carpenter and the best one - Mom. Three boys call me Mom, all are grown. They come back for home-cooked meals. I wish. They show up in the winter when the sun shines in Florida and it is raining in their world. I know that life is real simple. We are called to show up, to be accountable and caring servents. I care about the environment, the future for our kids and grandkids, responsible pet ownership, the stories of people who fall between the cracks, learning new things and getting outdoors. Speaking of stories, you can read my columns at www.Saturdaymorningswithlucy.com Let me know what you think of them. Im working on a book, getting outdoors, Florida based, what youd expect from me, and doing the photographs/illustrations. Enjoy this site. It was created for you. Browse. Buy something you like. Come back often. Things change, more new stuff arrives.


Website: http://www.lucyworks.com/

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