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Gullivers Design, GulliverGreetings.com is the eagerly anticipated offspring of Gullivers Design. The friendly residents of Gullivers Design have been doing creative work since 1992. In that same year, Gulliver Cards was developed. Working with passionate and talented artists and copywriters, Gulliver designs, publishes and markets its own line of beautiful business, seasonal and all occasions greeting cards. Read more about Gulliver Cards. GulliverGreetings.com, Our MISSION is to help corporations and businesses go the extra mile in communicating and connecting on a personal and professional level with their clients, employees and associates. In simpler terms, we help you build rewarding relationships. A culmination of 10 happy years developing Gulliver Cards, GulliverGreetings.com starts as an e-commerce site for Business Greeting Cards. Essentially a members only website, membership is required to access the bulk of our range of cards, services and benefits. With our expertise in design, publishing and communications, GulliverGreetings.com aims to exploit the exciting technologies that the Internet offers, to reach out and render extraordinary service to members and friends. Read more about Membership and how easy it is to be a member.


Website: http://www.gullivergreetings.com/

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