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ELRC’s mission is to make online shopping a pleasurable experience. Who We Are We are a family-oriented company conducting business under the trade name ELRC Enterprises. In addition to direct sales, our products are also sold in various stores, as well as online. Like us, many other U.S. businesses produce clothing (T-shirts especially), greeting cards, children’s games, toys, etc.; therefore, it is reasonable for our customers to ask, “How can we be sure we are buying your products?” The answer is simple: regardless of the name of the store or the name of the business selling the item, look for our trademark: If it doesn’t have our trademark on the label, it’s not our product! Future plans include ELRC plans to expand our online store to include the full line of products.


Address: ELRC Enterprises, P.O. Box 33872, San Antonio, Texas 78265-3872
Telephone: (210) 657-7771
Website: http://www.smudgepeople.com/

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