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Its all in the name, Credo meaning a creed or system of belief defines who we are and why we exist. In and through faith, Credo Designs, Ltd. has been able to create images & words for the purpose of uplifting hearts and encouraging people of all ages. Without this faith in the Triune God, we would not exist. C - Creating unique, inspirational products to uplift & encourage others. R - Relying on prayer and the gifts & talents of many, Credo has thrived and grown. God has provided: Husband, Jeff, who drills rocks, balances the checkbook, and is always ready to help when needed. Neerja, who generously offers her artistic talents for the designing of this website. Son, Aarons logical mind & technical expertise to develop this website. Candis incredible computer skills & attention to business details. Marilyns meticulous & careful attention to quality packaging. Thersas professional marketing experience coupled with her heart & vision to reach many with the Good News. Judys love, support & helping hands, whatever the task (She is Credos chief rock picker!) Son, Marks creative genius and critical eye to create promotional materials. Marys willing heart to pray & serve wherever the need. Marvas Wednesday morning Bible Study group who have worked diligently on Credos journals and offer much wisdom, support, and prayer. Customers who respond, pass our products on, and offer much encouragement along the way. And countless others too numerous to mention, Without the efforts of so many, we could not continue. E - Established in 1992, two friends with entrepreneurial spirits hoped to spread Light and encouragement in their little corner of the world. Thankfully, God has expanded their vision and Credo now ships products to bookstores, gift shops and retreat centers throughout the country. D - Gently giving witness to the Divine that surrounds us, artist Marva Sheriff creates . . . pointing to Gods active, personal involvement in our daily lives. O - Open to Gods leading, Credo is always seeking fresh ways to create products that meet the needs of our busy, active, challenging, yet hope-filled lives.


Address: Credo Designs, Ltd. P.O. Box 290220, Minneapolis, MN 55429
Telephone: 763-315-0377
Fax: 763-315-0377
Website: http://www.credodesignsltd.com/

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