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Our pictures tell a story, because, City Castle Greeting cards are inspired by and are the illustrations for- The Catherines Castle story on this web site. And, The Introverts Book Club products are inspired by The Introverts Book Club whose meetings are reported on this web site; most Introverts Book Club products work well for other book clubs -no matter what book club model they are based on. City Castles, LLC, is an Internet business; its office is located in Colorado. The City Castles Web site, the place of business for City Castles LLC, serves several purposes. Our Company is founded on the belief that good products make a good company, and that creative ideas lead to great products. City Castles is a woman owned business, a small greeting card company, competing with giants. We appreciate your orders, and we are grateful for your support. City Castles, LLC will offer a reward to the person who first gives us information that helps us to Stop those who use our forms or products without our authorization. The lead product on our web site is: The Stop Form. The Stop Form aids colleges and universities in their student retention efforts. The Stop Form is a last chance for institutions to stop the “revolving door syndrome.” The Stop Form intervenes at that emotional moment when a student decides to drop his/her class. The Stop Form purposely adds a step to the institution’s “drop process.” The Stop Form encourages a student to take the time to consider other options and to stay in class. The Stop Form also provides an opportunity for colleges and universities to reconnect with the student who has just dropped or withdrawn from classes. City Castles, LLC also produces cards, note pads, bookmarks and decorations. These products relate to the themes, topics and services covered on our web site. Other Topics, Products and Services offered on the City Castles, LLC web site: 1. The Introvert’s Book Club, This copyrighted club has been formed for people who love books and like to discuss them. This small group meets to discuss the books they have read. Reports about the meetings that are held will appear and be updated on the Introvert’s Book Club page. Discussions about the worldview, from an introvert’s viewpoint, will also appear there. Information about ordering “The Introvert’s Book Club” cards and notepads will be on the City Castles, LLC Store page. Those interested in forming their own, independent “Introvert’s Book Club” can do so- but they must follow the “Introvert’s Book Club” guidelines. Information for buying book club guidelines will appear on the City Castles, LLC Store page. These independently formed and maintained book clubs, should adhere to standards that include: No dues, Fine literature, Reminding introverts to appreciate themselves and the gifts that their personalities can bring to an extroverted world. Members who strive to maintain high standards in themselves, their families and their reading. Other clubs may follow the “Introvert’s Book Club” model- however- other clubs that pattern themselves on this model will be totally separate, independent, and totally responsible for their own actions. The products that will be sold with the “Introvert’s Book Club” designation will be the products- produced by City Castles, LLC. Information about products will be posted on the City Castles, LLC web site. Check out Introvert Book Club meetings. Come shop at the City Castles, LLC Store! 2. The serialized story, Catherine’s Castle is meant to find its readers right where they are- in front of their computers. Catherine’s Castle is of interest to teen-age girls and their younger sisters- but other readers are welcome! Soon, Gwynie’s Story will be available in “Gwynie Packets”- ordering information will appear on the City Castles, LLC Store page. The products that will be sold with the Gwynie symbol, City Castles, LLC, or The Colorado Girls titles, will be produced by City Castles, LLC. Information about products will appear on the web site. Please visit our store- you are welcome to browse! Most City Castles products evolve out of the Catherines Castle story- or are inspired by The Introverts Book Club. Remember, City Castles- every picture tells a story. The stories on this web site, (and our company name) are based on an unfinished poem, “City Castles, LLC” L. Pilkington. Tune in every tomorrow and meet Catherine, Melinda and Gwynie, The Colorado Girls, at Catherine’s Castle!


Telephone: 303-755 6021
Website: http://www.citycastles.com/

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