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what were about Paper, paper, and more paper... With a little design thrown in for good measure. Girl Metro, Inc. principal Richelle Albrecht displayed a love for all things paper at an early age - 2, to be exact - and has yet to give up her paper-hording ways. Joined by a crack team of designers (including Spike, design beagle extraordinaire), Girl Metro has been creating extraordinary invitations and occasionally irreverent cards since 2002. Tucked into a studio on the north side of Chicago, were pleased to work one-on-one with clients to create the perfect stationery. Personal consultations at the studio are always welcome by appointment. We also regularly work long-distance (via phone and internet) with our clients. To arrange a consultation either in person or by phone, please give us a call at 773 878 4475 or drop us a line. about richelle. After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design, Richelle did the ad agency gig for a few years, where she designed and art directed everything from logos to packaging to giant posters to corporate video, and even a few websites. Having learned vast amounts about the world of advertising in those years, she found that it wasnt perhaps the best fit. It wasnt long until designing wedding invitations for friends made it clear that invitation design was exactly the kind of work Richelle had been looking for all along. Designing things for happy occasions, for couples who were not only excited about their event, but were totally invested in the design of the pieces - what could be better? Consequently, when the dot-com crash came, it seemed the perfect opportunity to start working toward that goal. Now, several years later, Richelle and her team are loving every minute of it. In addition to running Girl Metro, Inc., Richelle is a founding member of the Chicago Craft Mafia, which is affiliated with the worldwide Craft Mafia organization. Richelle is also honored to be part of the AllExperts at About.com panel of experts, specializing in wedding invitation etiquette.


Address: 2334 West Lawrence, Suite 219. Chicago, IL 60625.
Telephone: 773 878 4475
Website: http://www.girlmetro.com/

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