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I think every person that decides to make the leap and try to earn a living off of their creativity fears that one day the new ideas will just stop coming. Itís as if we have a finite amount of creativity and you shouldnít use it up all at once. This business is an experiment for me, an experiment to see what exactly are the boundaries when living a creative life. So far what Iíve learned is: There are no boundaries to creativity as long as weíre willing to remain open. Taking setbacks seriously is a dangerous habit. Pink isnít just a color, itís a lifestyle. If you ask for help, people will come to your rescue. You really can eat cottage cheese every single day. Cats arenít very good employees, but they are cute. This business fills my heart with joy. Silly must be cultivated every single day. A woman is nothing without her friends. And finally, Iím married to a really great man. The blessings in my life are many and one person I count among them is my amazing web designer, Kate McMillan. Kate never fails to amaze me with her enthusiasm for life and for work, her intuitive design ability and her desire to make big things happen. She has been a valuable collaborator and all around good gal.


Website: http://www.catiecake.com/

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