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What, you are probably asking yourself, is Mom Thoughts all about? Well take your hands off that mouse for a minute and Ill tell you. A Mom Thought is a little saying that captures the essence of Mom (like the ones up above and down below). Our products incorporate Mom Thoughts so you can give a thought or a collection of thoughts to yourself, your mom or someone you know who is a mom or is about to become a mom. I hope you will visit Mom Thoughts often and talk to me. Who am I? A Mom who put her thoughts down on paper (and on mugs and magnets and key chains and other stuff). You can learn more about me and how Mom Thoughts got started by clicking the ABOUT US button. Each month I try to include a list of interesting dates so you can mark your (preferably Mom Thoughts) calendar. The Mom Thoughts calendars and planner include dates like these as well as some real off-the-wall dates. Click here to see the events for April and May. Each of the buttons in the menu (top left) will take you to a page that (I hope) will have information you can use or products you cant live without. The links on the left under the menu are to interesting places I think you might like. There are other links on the various LINKS pages, and Ill be sticking in more links every which way--hopefully theyll all be interesting to you. If you know of any links I SHOULD be including, please let me know. Im also a writer so be sure to check out the Books and Articles pages as I post information about things Ive written. Once in a while, I might even post a whole article or a book excerpt for FREE! The link at the bottom of the menu (for Life-Saving Defibrillators) takes you to another of my sites, www.DontDropDead.com. If youre young, you probably think going to that site would be a waste of your time and even more, buying a defibrillator would be a waste of your money. Do you have air bags in your car? Fire extinguishers in your home and car? Insurance? A defibrillator is just one more life-saving device that belongs in every home and every business. Go to the site for some interesting statistics about who needs defibrillators. Feel free to ask me any questions. Bottom line? This is a site for Moms. Our links take you to places that have great information, ideas or products. MOST IMPORTANT--I want to hear from you. Please fill out the form below (or on any of the other pages) and let me know what you think.


Address: 15009 8th Place West, Lynnwood, WA 98087
Telephone: 425-742-7120
Fax: 425-742-2897
Website: http://www.momthoughts.com/

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