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My name is Donna Siegirst. I have designed my company to help all persons save money, protect the environment, themselves, and their love ones. I believe each of my products are helpful in one way or another. Student and teacher I.D.s provide discounts for various things. My emergency kits provide some protection for persons involved in an accident, a hospital emergency, or a possible abduction situation. I also invented the wonderful reusable gift card/tag, luggage tags, sport tags, gardening tags, name tags, inventory tags, etc... These tags/cards are designed to be used over and over again. I am also designing a new CD for scrapbook lovers. (youll never have to buy scrapbook stickers again!) We destroy too many trees for paper products and there is too much waste and pollution. This is why I went into business. I wanted to do my part in protecting the earth, protecting a person in harms way, and to save you money by making products that are useful and practical.


Address: Magic Wonder Tags, Peoria, IL 61614-3740
Telephone: (309) 691-4620
Website: http://www.magicwondertags.com/

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