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Im Tanya Davis, mother of three lively girls - Madison, Morgan, and Lauren. My husband, Mike, has his own landscaping business, which keeps him busy summer and winter. Mike was my high school sweetheart, and has been my biggest support system in helping me strive to achieve my dreams. My interest in graphic art started with learning from my grandfather and mother, and then I went on to study illustration and graphic design at Harcum Junior College. I finished my education at Millersville University, majoring in Art Education. People sometimes ask why my company is called Maddie-Pattie Greetings. Maddie-Pattie was named after my first-born, Madison, ..Maddie-Pattie is her nickname... I give my designs names to give them their own uniqueness...they all have meanings behind them. I try to base them around personalities of family and friends. For example, my second daughter, Morgan, loves cows, so I created Morgie Moo ..just for her. Im also asked how I manage to juggle three girls, keeping the house presentable, and designing and producing Maddie-Pattie. The truth is, its tough and involves lots of late nights.. With 3 girls theres always someone right next to me or someone wanting something. But, you learn to work with it, and it pretty soon becomes part of a routine and everything works out. A lot of times as I am sitting and drawing I have all 3 sitting and drawing with me. And being a stay home mom, I will cherish and always remember these moments. I want my daughters to look at me and be proud of their Mommy...to see my struggles and achievements.. And maybe someday want to do what Mommy does.. It would be great to keep Maddie-Pattie going and see what all she can achieve too. She has been evolving since her first appearance on paper in 1996..when I was home with Madison on maternity leave.. before that, she was always in my head but never on paper, and she never had a name until Madison gave her life.


Address: Maddie-Pattie.com, 117 Heckman Road, Temple, PA 19560
Telephone: 610.939.9476
Website: http://www.maddie-pattie.com/

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