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Whimsies Personalized Cartoons, a family-run business based on the personalized cartoon creations of Heather Diodati. As Tom Hanks said to Sally Field, Were all Gods little animated cartoons. Everyone can relate to that, our lives are filled with comical anecdotes and situations. Whimsies would never have been born if Heather had decided to stick to her plans in May 1999 to move to Vancouver, giving up her job, apartment and her old life, driving from Montreal accompanied by her budgie Emilio. Instead she decided to stay for awhile because of a chance meeting/friendly squabble over the last BBQ chicken at a local grocery store. This is how she met her husband Ron, and not long after was welcomed into his family, Kelly, Kevin, Sammy the Llasa Apso and the Angel fish Jaws 1 through 6. Oh, Emilio the budgie was also welcomed into the fold! (Note: since then, budgies Sunny and Snowy were added to the family, Sammy and Emilio are no longer with us, sadly-to-say and the Angel fish Jaws collection have since been replaced by a school of ever-breeding guppies) Ron, a goodhearted man, even after falling 31 feet off a roof while on a fire practice in 1992 continued to be a volunteer fireman, gives Heather lots of helpful advice and moral support. Always a creative and comical person himself (and a wonderful ballroom dancer!), at age 19 Ron built his first car out of Ford, Chrysler and GM parts calling his creation a Fedge and confusing the heck out of the mechanic who had to use Chrysler plugs on a car he thought was a Ford! I wasnt so lucky with my first car. It was an old dinosaur with a welded-shut drivers side door and no reverse. After constantly parking on a corner out of necessity, the unthinkable happened, an Austin Mini squeezed in front. With a mix of family origins, we have to integrate our cultures at holidays. For example at Easter we combine the traditional Babka with the Italian version Panettone; the resulting creation is an Easter bread affectionately named Babettone. Heather has had many opportunities to observe people by being a co-owner/assistant D.J./light and computer operator for a disk jockey service; by owning a personalized banner service and delivering them in a clown suit with a little electronic robot assisting her; by being a competitive ballroom dancer (there youre talking animated cartoons. Some of the things youd see on the dance floor and in the dressing rooms were enough to send a budding cartoonist off for her drawing tablet!) Check out our Meet The Artist page for more info on Heather. Always fascinated by computers, a passion she shares with the family, Heather created the novelty, The Pet Computer Virus. Lately there are so many headaches in the form of virus attacks that she felt there was a need for computer-users to recover with a bit of comic relief. After a number of years sketching, painting and crafting, Heather decided to create her own line of whimsical characters. These are incorporated into the comical cartoon designs she creates for personalization. Each cartoon is an original work, a labor of love from the heart. A personalized cartoon is a treasured gift, perfect for the person who has everything. Heather loves to work with her customers/friends in order to create a one-of-a-kind personalized gift for that special person in their lives and she truly enjoys knowing that one of her designs has brought a giggle or a smile to someones lips. We continually offer reasonable prices for our quality products, on-going specials and our usual friendly, personal customer service, processing all orders with TLC (tender loving care) and shipping them before you can blink an eye Feel free to browse through our products and dont forget - you can e-mail us anytime for any questions you may have.


Website: http://www.whimsies-online.com/

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