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TermsOf Use And Licensing Of Materials Projects will commence upon receipt of down payment. All rights to the materials Classic Creations creates or modifies for a client will transfer completely to that client upon receipt of final payment. Until final payment is received, the copyright to all materials created or modified by us for a client will be owned by Classic Creations entirely and without reservation by us or our assigns. Should either party terminate a contract* (written or otherwise) before completion, 50% of the down payment will be retained by Classic Creations, and rights to any designs and/or materials created before the point of termination will belong to Classic Creations. TIME LIMITS: In the event of any delay of more than 90 days by the contractor, we will invoice for the greater of either: (1) all work completed up to the date of notification, based upon the percentage of the project finished, including expenses; or (2) 20% of the agreed-upon estimate plus expenses, and the contract shall be considered fulfilled by Classic Creations. All incomplete work will remain the property of Classic Creations. All payments already made by the contractor will first be applied to these charges. To the extent that the work being performed for you relies upon references, or uses any name, trademark, or other intellectual property belonging to any third party, you warrant that you have obtained all necessary right, license or interest in such intellectual property, and have obtained all necessary consents in order that Classic Creations may use that intellectual property. You also agree that you will defend, indemnify, save and hold Classic Creations completely harmless from any and all costs, loses, claims, demands and liabilities, including all attorney’s fees, as well as any errors, omissions and infringements arising from publication, dissemination and use of those materials we create for you, your company, your representatives and assigns, as well as any liabilities asserted against Classic Creations or any of our assigns, that may arise or result from any service offered, performed or agreed to be performed, or from any product or service sold by you, your company, your representatives or your assigns, in any way. You also agree to grant Classic Creations the unlimited, non-exclusive-right to use copies of your project, at our discretion (for promotional and marketing purposes only-ex. our Portfolio). Protecting Your New Graphics You’ve now created the perfect logo for your business. It captures the essence of what your business is all about. How can you now be sure that logo continues to belong to you and only you? Classic Creations uses original, hand drawn graphics created to your specifications (unless you brought us a graphic of your own). We do not “copy” other designs, or use “cookie cutter” images. To protect your original image, you might want to register your logo as a trademark. A good rule of thumb is to register your business name first-in any state where you plan to do business. Even if you don’t trademark your logo, you still have some protection. By putting your logo on your letterhead, business cards and such, you automatically have some trademark protection, even if you don’t officially register your logo with a state or federal entity. However, to be completely certain of your protection, registering is the best course to follow.


Telephone: 877-291-0620.
Fax: 888-770-0082
Website: http://www.classiccreationsdirect.com/

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