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Chapter 1 - What’s in a Name? I have a unique name. It is Sadonie (pronounced sa-don-ee). Growing up (and to this day) no one has ever heard it before. I could never go into to a store and find a pad or a keychain or a pen with my name on it. They never said my name on Romper Room or Wonderama or The Magic Garden. (Remember those shows?) Over the years, anytime that I was able to purchase a personalized item, I did. So my quest for personalized items has evolved into this business. Chapter 2 - Why Stationery and Invitations? Everyone loves to receive a handwritten notecard or personalized gift. Personalized products are a reflection of one’s uniqueness. Adding ones name only makes the product that much more unique, therefore special. Chapter 3 – Namesakes.net is Born. Namesakes began by word of mouth and Home Parties. Many have asked, “Do you have a website?” Now I can say I do. It’s Namesakes.net.


Telephone: (201) 651-1050
Fax: (201) 651-1053
Website: http://namesakes.net/

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