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Founded in 2004, FabulousStationery.com is the inspiration of twenty-year advertising agency veterans Jay Arnold, Trish DeMasi and Bruce Campbell. Jay had a penchant for innovative thinking, Trish an eye for fresh and inspired design, and Bruce a knack for harnessing the latest publishing technologies. Eureka! They had created the first line of totally modern, personalized note cards, invitations, announcements and calling cards - all designed to be as versatile and unique as you are. Art collector, publisher and the founder of an innovative ad agency, Jay has made a life of applying fresh concepts to traditional products and practices. It’s this kind of thinking that led him to invent our Fabulous signature return address envelopes (patent pending). “Every year we get a plethora of old fashioned, gold foil, velvet-flocked holiday cards. Out of hundreds of cards, I find maybe one or two worth keeping - but the envelopes always end up in the trash.” Jay developed an idea: printing a return address on the back of our note cards and matching them to our signature envelope so that a recipient would never lose the sender’s address. And better yet, we offer our return address option at no additional charge. “My inspiration comes from so many things: fabric, fashion, nature, architecture, friends, even pets.” Trish is the exclusive designer for FabulousStationery.com and has had a long career in graphic design and fine art. Drawing, painting, fashion and home design have always been her passions. Trish has a talent for taking retro designs and reinterpreting them in a way that makes them clean and modern. “I love beautiful things, and if I can’t find what I want, I just design it myself.” Technology. Where would we be with out it? Bruce’s ability to master the latest software and hardware that makes our Fabulous Stationery a reality - and allows us to improve product quality and expand the range of what we can offer. Case in point: upgraded technology now offers us the ability to print custom text on two sides of our note cards, delivering a cost-effective method of turning any design you choose into a fabulous announcement, invitation, thank you…. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, this new technology has reduced our turnaround time from two weeks to less than seven days.


Address: FabulousStationery.com · 1500 Walnut Street · 6th Floor · Philadelphia, PA 19102
Telephone: 800.521.5443
Website: http://www.fabulousstationery.com/

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