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Years ago, it was before 2000, I was writing greeting cards for an online company. I really loved the work -- primarily because I loved the idea of helping people to celebrate happy occasions like birthdays, valentines, weddings, anniversaries and more. That experience proved invaluable to me. Most important, it helped me to fulfill a dream that I have held on to for as long as I can remember: to emulate my late father and start my own business. In 2001, I created PoemsToGo.tv. PoemsToGo.tv is an online company that writes custom poems, speeches, toasts, letters and more for all kinds of people and virtually any kind of occasion. The key to PoemsToGo (PTG for short) is that nothing is off the rack. Everything we write is personalized and based entirely on specific input that we get from each of our customers. Once they book their anniversary poem, a wedding toast, a sympathy letter or anything else, we send them our unique PTG questionnaire. They fill it out and send it back to us via the internet. Then I give that questionnaire to one of our staff of eight freelance writers and they write up a totally customized piece thats humorous, poignant, emotional, dramatic or evocative -- precisely according to the clients wish. Its amazing, the stories we learn from our customers. Once we wrote a series of letters to help a beleaguered husband woo his estranged wife all over again! Another time we wrote a poem to a beloved grandma who was celebrating her 110th birthday! And there was the time when a PoemsToGo letter provided important support for a grieving mother, one who was mourning the tragic death (in a car accident) of her twenty-something son. Today, PTG is a vibrant business. We get requests from people all over America and throughout the world. We have developed poems, candle lighting ceremonies, letters and more for customers in England, France, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Congo and dozens of additional countries. Its a thrill to be able to run a successful -- and constantly growing -- business. But the greatest thrill of all, as it was right from the start, is being able to add warmth, joy, laughter, sympathy, support and light to so many different occasions for so many people everywhere.


Telephone: 508-330-0028
Website: http://www.poemstogo.tv/

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