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Wordestones offers custom engraved stones, stones with logos, rock engraving, mini pocket stones, diamond crystal paperweights, garden stones and pet memorials that make unique, personalized gifts. We offer engraved stones of logos, inspirational words or phrases, animal images, designs and baby names, boys names, girls names, and family names on semi-precious gem stones, natural river stones or polished earthtone stones. Bridal reception favors and wedding party gifts are our specialty. Tea Lights that provide a soft candlelight setting and placard holders in stone are rare accessories that delight the crowd. Personalized Name Stones make the event Special, as this once in a lifetime event should be. Double Side engraving is available with brides name, grooms name, wedding date on one side; and an endearing word or proper name of guest on the other side. Engraved Garden Stones and River Stones memorialize your thoughts for that family member or close friend. Pet memorials provide a remembrance of those many years shared with a favorite animal. Promotional stones are lasting advertisements of your services. In addition to unique, personalized engraved gifts, we also have beautiful natural stone jewelry in hematite and natural jade


Address: WordeStones.com. P.O. Box 571. 25 Rosyln Road. Branchville, NJ. 07826-0571
Telephone: 973-948-0085.
Fax: 973-948-2085
Website: http://www.wordestones.com/

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