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Engraving by Schlos, your source for quality hand engraved custom artwork. Established in 1983, we specialize in engraving on all types of glass, chrome, aluminum, plexi, mirrored surfaces, and even stainless steel. Any kind of image is available from scroll designs. to fun detailed artwork with color available on many surfaces. We also offer engraved giftware, custom paint (flames & graphics), t-shirt artwork, logos & ads. Located in Uxbridge, Massachusetts we have been creating unique one-of-a-kind creations for over twenty years. Engraving (not to be confused with etching) is tooled or carved on the surface of the. glass or metal. We can also use a sandblast and deep-stage sandblast that is deep carved. into the glass (available on plate glass and mirror). We are able to work on all types of glass.including the tempered (safety) glass used in automobiles and trucks with no problems. At Engraving By Schlos we have developed our own custom ground engraving tips. used in conjunction with a highly modified (dremel style) vibrating pencil engraver that. allows us precision detail and control on all glass and metal surfaces. We can work on items. from as small as a wine glass to as large as a storefront. Some of our clients include the. Copley Plaza Hotel, Back Bay Hilton and the Tremont Hotel in Boston, MA.


Address: Steve Schlos Schlosberg 585 Elmwood Ave. Uxbridge, MA 01569
Telephone: 508-278-9234
Website: http://www.schlos.com/

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