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Shady Cove is a beautiful little community 30-miles North of Medford in Southern Oregon. Through this charming town runs the Mighty Rogue river. Known for her great fishing, rafting, wonderfully scenic beauty and a bounty of river rock along her shore lines was the inspiration of Northwest Stone Wise. We were started in November 1995 by Randi Hodges. She has had a strong background in manufacturing, sales, and marketing for over 12 years. Combined with an appreciation for the power of words and her love of the natural, the leap into the business was destined for success. Laurie Taylor is now head of production, her sister and Yang of Stonewise. Leaving a Hollywood studio career, she and her family came up for the joys of small town living, and to create her position which is now invaluable to Stonewise.Bob Weaver is the Master Blaster and has been with Stonewise for a little over 2 years. Together, these 3 with occasional temporary help, have perfected and produced well over 125 TONS of engraved stone to date. Mastering the art of stone engraving was quite a feat in itself. It is close to a 45 step process with no teachers to their avail of in the marketplace for such a craft. It took a lot of bummers, Hodges says, to get to where we are today. There are many areas in which Stonewise is involved. Doing a very large wholesale business that concentrates on regional sales primarily is what keeps the company rocking along at a very steady pace. Offering the retailer 96 Stock Rock sayings has sales jumping. Locally they are working with several funeral homes and cemeteries, offering affordable closure in natural stone, polished marble, and granite commemorative markers. The company also offers a plant a tree service with the stones along with a stone setting, which is masterfully done by husband Mr. Randy Hodges. Pet memorials make up a large part of calls too. They are offered in the local pet retailers, Humane Society, and veterinarians. The Internet also provides a steady flow of folks seeking the tribute service for their special friends. Fund raisers in brick and stone have been an area that has been well received, and successful. Where to next...Hodges claims that there are so many directions one can go. So much that can be concentrated on in a very local level, so, a manual is in the works that will walk one through the 45 plus step process, and also offer a myriad of marketing ideas. Tons not mentioned...Youll have to buy the manual! Sales for the manual will be geographically managed and we will be offering ongoing support. Multiple discounts on a drop ship basis on some of the equipment used, is in the works. E-Mail or call to put your name on our mailing list for our further developments in this area. There is enough business for moms and pops all over America if you are willing to learn and get out there and offer it. It is wonderful work and the most rewarding, besides motherhood, that Ive ever done, says Randi.


Address: 2991 Indian Creek Rd. Shady Cove, OR 97539.
Telephone: 1-877-420-(7625)
Website: http://www.stonewise.com/

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