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My stone carving business started recently as a hobby to pursue in my shop. I was instantly taken by how creative I can be with each stone, and how exciting it is to make something with my own hands. I am creating stock rocks to be sold at trade shows, and I am taking custom orders year round for individuals just like yourself that need engraved rock for home, garden, gift, celebration, reflection, affirmation, memorials, and tributes. I can also create rocks for pet memorials, wedding / anniversary, inspiration, and even brick fundraising. I can create what your mind can imagine. Take a look at some of my creations on the gallery page. The carving process begins with the creation of a stencil. The stencil starts out as an image printed on to a piece of velum paper using a laser printer. The velum paper is then matched with a special light sensitive stencil film. The film is exposed to ultra-violet light allowing the light sensitive film to dissolve. The stencil is then washed and dried. The newly created stencil is then applied to the stone using an adhesive. The rest of the exposed stone is then covered in tape to prevent etching in unwanted areas. The stone is then placed in the sandblasting chamber and sealed. The sand-blaster is pressurized and a blasting wand is used to etch the stone. The wand is repeatedly passed across the stencil. After the stone is etched it is removed and painted. After being painted it is sealed with an acrylic so that it is weather proof. These rocks will last indoors and out.


Address: Michael Hauff. P.O. Box 246. Kearney, NE 68848
Website: http://www.mikescreativecarvings.com/

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