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We are a husband and wife team that love the outdoors. We run, mountain bike, cross country ski, hike, swim, in-line skate, biathlon, triathlon, and many other outdoor activities. We compete in many events throughout the year. We have two young children that love the outdoors. Why did we start MedalEngraving.com? One way we keep track of events is by collecting our finishing medals. After losing some of our results issues, we wanted a better way to remember how we did at each race. Since we know where our medals are, we thought it would be a good idea to mark the medals permanently by engraving our times on them. We loved the result and wanted to share it with everybody out there that wanted the same thing that we did! Our goal is to offer a hassle-free way of getting your medals engraved.


Address: Endurance Engraving. 416 Reynolds St. Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Telephone: (218) 326-8544
Website: http://www.medalengraving.com/

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