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We are a growing yet young company located in the Ozarks in Missouri. We have had our physical shop at the Shepherd of the Hills in Branson, Missouri, in 2001. Currently we operate via our on-line shop, some area collectible stores and shows. The designs in our products reflect the beauty of the surrounding area and the nature; humming birds, butterflies, fish, animals and flowers. The quality in our products represent who we are and what we aspire: Perfection in our handiwork in humility. Though we are very proud of our art work, we are and will always be open to our customers feedbacks so we can improve our products and ourselves. Many of our glass products can be handcut with names, dates or designs within the capacity of glass surface. If you can not find your choice of glassware, we would be glad to search our resourceThe Glass Vine specializes in an engraving method called intaglio-cutting and the designs and letters are cut one line at a time using stone wheels. Intaglio cut glass dates back about three hundred years. Early craftsmen using copper wheels chose to also use stone wheels to cut a design or picture onto glass. This method of stone wheel engraving grew in popularity. Once an apprentice learned his trade after 6-8 years he was approved by a guild of artisans to begin his own career as a master craftsman. Each item we present to you, our Master Craftsman has literally hand-cut designs and words into the glass. As a company, we distribute variety of HANDCUT GLASS items using this method of engraving. Although intaglio-cutting can produce deeper cut and more textures onto the glassware, it is limited to lesser variety of letting styles and designs can be limited to only the artistic ability of the cutter. In order to overcome these limitations, we have recently expanded our line with traditional sand etching method of glass cutting. We are not a manufacture of our glassware. We welcome individual retailers who would like to carry our productsAs a master craftsman and glass-designer artist, I strive to uphold the three-hundred-year old art of stone-wheel engraving. My experience as an artist is eight years working mostly in Missouri and Tokyo, Japan. Each of my products is genuinely unique and hand-cut. I hope to keep this tradition alive by bringing to you the finest gifts I can create..


Address: The Glass Vine.PO Box 3521. Springfield, MO 65808
Telephone: (417) 766-8809.
Website: http://www.glassvine.com/

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