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Super Celebration is a company comprised of radio broadcast professionals, with each member of our team having at least 25 years experience in various specialties. These include radio air personality, news broadcaster, recording engineer, program producer, and pop culture historian. The concept began in the 1980s, when a radio listener contacted air personality John Richards, who is now the voice of Super Celebration. The phone call wasnt the ordinary request from a listener asking him to play a song on the radio. It turned out they wanted a custom cassette tape to give as a birthday present. The listener thought it would make a unique gift to have a tape filled with birthday messages and short stories from the recipients friends and family. They had no way to professionally record the greetings, and realized the radio station often played recorded phone calls on the air. John was also asked to host the presentation, introducing each message and adding a few colorful comments along the way. The resulting production turned into the hit of the party! More requests came from people who heard the original birthday tape. They wanted one of these custom audio presentations created for them too. The concept expanded to include news and trivia from the year the person was born.Highlights from other special years, such as high school graduation, were soon included. It was just a matter of time before custom tapes were being requested for wedding anniversaries and high school reunions. Whatever the occasion, these were proving to be popular and treasured gifts. With their mix of personal and unexpected messages, interesting history and fun trivia, these productions touched a wide range of emotions. If you havent already done so, we invite you to listen to our audio demos. Imagine how we can customize one just for you . Our creative team is ready to turn your event into a Super Celebration


Address: Super Celebration. P.O. Box 93007. Austin, Texas 78709-3007
Telephone: (512) 797-9898
Website: http://www.supercelebration.com/

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