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Whispering Meadows Soap Inc, is a family based company which prides itself in the manufacturing of the highest quality, handcrafted, natural vegetable based soap. We use only the finest exotic oils, pure essential oils for fragrance and aromatherapy qualities, reverse osmosis water, additives that occur naturally in nature, eg., oats, honey, flower petals, spices etc, and a natural preservative. Our soap is cold processed which retains the inherent glycerin which acts as an emollient to keep our skin soft and subtle. Essential fatty acids which our bodies need to fight infection, retain moisture, as well as other vital roles, need to be absorbed through systemic (ingested) or topical means. Whispering Meadows Soap contains the essential fatty acids we so desperately need to remain healthy and chemical free.


Telephone: 1-866-563-1334
Fax: 1-905-688-6702
Website: http://www3.sympatico.ca/soap.lady

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