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We started our company in 2003, hoping to escape the corporate world craziness and spend more time with our little ones. Well, little did we know, that we would be working harder and more often than we did before! But, it has all been worth it. Over the past four years, we have not only had the priviledge to watch our children grow, but we have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful clients on very special gifts and occasions! Our company has been like a third child, and we have nurtured it and watched it flourish over the years. We are so thankful to those clients who have been with us since the beginning, and to those who we are having the pleasure to meet today! It is our intention to provide you with unique, handmade gifts, you can be proud to give anytime of the year, for any reason. We take special enjoyment out of creating custom designs, so please dont hesitate to ask us about creating one for you today! Currently, we are operating out of a private workshop in the Forest Lake area, however, should you desire to view our designs up close & personal, let us know and we can bring our showroon to you. you for taking the time to look over our website and we hope to have the opportunity to help you very soon,


Address: Forest Lake, MN 55025
Telephone: 651.466.0427
Fax: 651.466.0429
Website: http://www.whitebeargiftbaskets.com/

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