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We are Junebug Creations, a new Colorado business. We specialize in making good events great. We do this with small, personal touches ranging from party and wedding favors to gift baskets and everything in between. With two in-house designers, we can work with any quantity and any price range...Nothing is too little or too big. Junebug Creations is dedicated to providing that special and unique touch that will make any event a special one for everyone involved. It is easy to get wrapped up in the large aspects of putting an event together, but the small details are important too. Allow us to take some worry and work off your hands, and the next time you want to show someone you appreciate them, turn to Junebug Creations for a creative, innovative solution.


Telephone: (303) 753-0713
Website: http://www.junebugcreationsgifts.com/

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