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EllenOriginals began, quite by accident, in 1979. It all had to do with a 90th birthday party for a certain beloved Grandfather and centerpieces for the tables. Well spare you the details, but a certain silk floral designer created her first party centerpieces on a wing and a prayer. She was surely being watched over, because this totally inexperienced and untrained artist was an almost instant success. Silk Floral design became the first love and first commercial success of EllenOriginals. Ellen Rigers silk floral creations were featured at the Design for Living Show at the D.C. Convention Center in the mid 1980s in a series of interior decorators dream rooms. In January, 1991, after the constant urging of her best friend, Ellen presented her first line of Gift Baskets. The rest, as they say, is history. The phone has not stopped ringing. Corporate and personal customers are 95% repeat business. And the basket recipients then become additional clients. It just grows and grows. As her reputation for unusual and elegant floral design grew, Ellen introduced ellen riger balloon design for party work and balloon bouquet deliveries. She has worked with interior designers in many homes and businesses, including grande foyers, apartment lobbies, and hotels and is noted for her unique party arrangements and her ability to transform any room into a fantasy of beauty. Ellen attended the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. as a teenager, but left her love of art on the backseat until years later.


Telephone: (301)946-7141
Fax: (301)946-0331
Website: http://ellenoriginals.com/

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