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Belline Baskets is an award-winning, professional, gift service company located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1999, we have been creating unique memorable gifts for all occasions in every price range. Our focus is on ensuring complete customer satisfaction by providing only the highest quality products and creative designs. We recognize the importance of corporate branding and we are happy to integrate company logos, products, and other business materials into our basket designs. We welcome all gift ideas from our customers and strive to fulfill their creative vision. Whether your gift is a business or personal one, if it comes from Belline Baskets, it is sure to be the perfect one. Some clients in the corporate world are local banks, a radio station, car dealership, and assisted living facilities. One of our most recent gift basket recipients was Oscar winning Dreamworks Feature Animation in Glendale, CA. Here are some of the things that our cutomers have said.


Telephone: (650) 952-3170
Website: http://www.bellinebaskets.com/

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