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In the beginning, a small home based business designed originally to meet the needs of local business and individuals. Has now expanded to the Statewide Market and Larger Corporations. What began as a hobby back in Christmas of 1994 has grown into an exciting business adventure. And with the Internet at our fingertips a much larger adventure than thought possible. We now receive many gourmet and household items and a multitude of other products delivered right to our front door for use in our original gift basket ideas. With many worldwide manufactures to help us. We find it growing into a top notch, tasty, elegant gift giving business. Locally owned and operated in Reno, Nevada by Keelie Morrissey, a Nevada Resident for 30 years, a retired Nurse of eighteen years, Military Flight Technician for thirteen years, decided to change course and seek a new direction. - So the Basket Kase was Born!! She understands the needs and demands of so many of her customers, and realizes that their lives are busy and hectic enough without having to worry about having time to Thank someone or follow up on a business transaction to ensure a referral in the future. She came up with a way to remember the clients client and now has in place many selected programs and alternatives to do just that! What sets her apart is her pride in her work and the fact she treats the customer the way she would like to be treated. Going above and beyond. Everything from special customer request to the unique services provided by her Company. Now take a few minutes to sit back and relax while shopping at the Basket Kase. You will find that our website is user friendly, easy to read and you will enjoy all the colorful picture examples.


Address: Make Checks Payable to: The Basket Kase. 6166 Laurelwood Drive, Reno, NV 89509
Telephone: (775) 828-0877
Website: http://www.basketmagicandgifts.com/

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